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unique and one-of-a-kind handmade wares

Destructionistas - handmade and d.i.y. wares
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Show us the best of handmade clothing and accessories! Anything handmade is game!
Sweatshops suck! Buy Handmade!

Dstructionistas is a community for people who like tearing shit apart and putting it back together again. Seamstresses, crafters, knitters, crocheters, jewelry artisans, and more!

Feel free to promote your auctions, website, or selling journal, but keep it relevant. This is a place for THINGS YOU'VE MADE.
Unique/one-of-a-kind/small run items only. That being said, anyone is free to join and post, but please keep images to around 400x400 pixels and PLEASE ONLY POST AN AD FOR YOUR AUCTIONS/WHATEVER ONCE . Keep it civil- if you don't have something nice to say, then shove it.

Free Sewing and Craft Tutorials on WhatTheCraft:

o attaching set-in sleeves (the harder way) – photo tutorial
o Buttonholes!
o Choosing the Right Needle
o circle skirt tutorial – version 2.0 – new and improved!
o circle skirt variations tutorials – pixie skirt and more!
o contour bust or ruffle bust top or dress tutorial
o easy sleeves – photo tutorial
o Henley tee reconstruction – photo tutorial
o how to attach a hood – photo tutorial
o How to Insert a Snap – video tutorial
o how to make a pair of armwarmers tutorial
o How to make a ruffled hem – photo tutorial
o How To Make a Square Bottom Bag – Video Tutorial
o how to resize a t-shirt
o How to Sew Fabric Appliques – Video Tutorial
o keyhole opening – photo tutorial
o Measuring, fitting, and patternmaking
o Must-Have Tools of the Trade
o my circle skirt turned out big enough for an elephant, WTF!?
o no-sew embellishing: bleach!
o no-sew tie back halter tutorial
o off shoulder top tutorial #2
o off-shoulder top tutorial #1
o raglan sleeve / baseball style top – photo tutorial
o Serger Tips
o Sewing 101: backstitching
o Sewing 101: lingerie stitch
o Sewing 101: seam allowances
o Sewing Machine Troubleshooting Guide
o surplice / cross-over bust tank top tutorial
o technique tutorial: appliques and patches
o technique tutorial: darts
o technique tutorial: ruching with elastic
o technique tutorial: serger thread tails
o technique tutorial: zippers
o The Secret to Straight Seams
o Tutorial – How to Design and Sew a Slipcover, Part 1
o tutorial – making a super basic pattern
o Tutorial: How to Make a Pencil Skirt
o tutorial: how to peg pants
o Twin needles = mock coverstitch

The 1st Annual D'structionistas Halloween Costume Contest Winners!

katamari by heycookie


martini girl by lasandri

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